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For twenty years we have been cooperating with many domestic and foreign companies among which are:

Construction and equipping of the Rockwool plant in the period from 2006.-2008.


INDUSTROPLAN participated as one of the most important partners, and delivered with its subcontractors products and services in all phases of construction, manufacturing production, installation and the handover.



Mini line for garbage baling, size 12x4x3m, that successfully meets the needs of baling paper, cardboard and PET packaging.


Customized to meet the needs and space capacities of the enterprise


  • Čistoća Rijeka
  • Activities: Public utility company
  • Country: Croatia


Handling mashines for transferring  and rearranging finished aluminum products; machine capacity 1700 kg;  with adjustable length and width.


Instead of three employees, the  same work can now be done by only one employee, under ergonomically correct conditions and  with minimal physical effort.


  • TLM TVP Šibenik
  • Activities: Production of rolled and extruded products
  • Country: Croatia 


  • Activity: design and manufacture of machinery, nuclear technology, foundry technology
  • Country: Germany

Underlying carrier for power units of  up to 20 MW


  • Country: Germany
  • Activity: Industrial engineering

The machine for processing building blocks of foamed concrete


  • Industry: Construction Sector
  • Coutry: Germany

Production of components for metalworking machinery. Presses with a mass up to 2000 tons, shears for cutting sheet metal thickness up to 30 mm

Production of components for automatic processing plants, bending and cutting sheet metal, their transport and packaging

  •      GWF GmbH
  •      Industry: mechanical engineering
  •      CountryGermany
  • Activity: manufacturing elements for ceiling constructions
  • Country: Germany

Roller conveyor


  • OWA
  • Activity: products for the design for ceilings in  various structures
  • Country: Germany

Plant for cutting and packing of aluminum plates for facade cladding


  • Alusuisse
  • Activity: Manufacturing of aluminum composite panels
  • Country: Germany


Units for the automatic mounting of FIAT engines


  • Elwema GmbH
  • Industry: Automotive Engineering
  • Country: Germany

The units for fastening and a quick change of the engine exhaust in an automatic welding robot


  • Staudinger GmbH  
  • Industry: Industrial Engineering   
  • Country: Germany

Device for correcting the deformation of endless belt saws in continuous production processes


  • ROSCHIWAL und Partner GmbH     
  • Industry: Engineering Office     
  • Country: Germany


Machine for spiral book-binding


  • Kugler GmbH Womako
  • Djalatnost: Manufacturing machinery for the  paper industry
  • Country: Germany


Bimont d.d.

Activities: Construction works

and shipbuilding 

Country: Croatia

Harro Hoefliger

Activity: machines for production 

and packaging in pharmaceutical


Country: Germany 


Activity: Industrial Engineering and c

onstruction of industrial facilities
Country: Germany


Activity: Manufacturer of trucks, buses,

diesel engines and other machinery

Country: Germany