Industroplan d.o.o.

Hreljin 230 A

51226 Hreljin             



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T2:  +49(0) 8221 27 68 111

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Radno vrijeme


Ponedjeljak - Petak

8.00 - 16.00



Working hours


Monday - Friday

8.00 - 16.00 h




Montag - Freitag

8.00 - 16.00



Predst. u SR Njem.


Branch office



Ingenieurbüro Tomasic

Augsburger Straße 54

89312 Günzburg,  GERMANY

Tel: +49(0)8221- 27 68 111

Fax: +49(0)8221-27 68 112






Professional consulting


Analysis of existing production processes

  • creating proposals to increase productivity and product quality
  • designing concepts and developing technical solutions for new applications of existing products and production processes
  • developing a technical basis for the acquisition of new technology and equipment
  • conception and design of a complete new production line

Designing and construction of new solutions

  • 2D
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D: Autodesk Inventor
  • highly qualified and experienced engineering team, led by ideas of lowering the production and exploitation costs
  • High quality service with exact delivery date

Production and aftersales service

During the last and most important phase of the production, we are cooperating with our partners and trusted suppliers and are delivering a complete solution.

In that way we are completing our service and minimizing the possibility for  errors and further interventions. Our co-operators in the final phase are renowned companies like Kinkele and ZASCHESitec Handling GmbH.


For further information please look at our products and references.