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Ingenieurbüro Tomasic

Augsburger Straße 54

89312 Günzburg,  GERMANY

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Work with us

We are committed to continuously improving our products and services. Therefore we need competent and motivated employees. Because of the demanding work that we do ,there is a need for talented individuals who will help us in achieving our mutual goals.


If you like the job you do and  match our conditions, please send us your resume to info@industroplan.hr and we will contact you for a potential collaboration.



Construction of machinery and creating elaboration papers and technical documentation using software, such as: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor or One Space Designer.


Given the specificity and quality of our services, the candidate will be provided with a training-phase  in Germany.

With the help of our team of experienced engineers, the candidate will be informed about the specifics of our internal quality assurance criteria and structural operations in the process of developing new products.
After the start-up phase, the candidate will take over his new tasks, i.e. construction/ designing activities at our office in Rijeka. The candidate will occasionally work in Germany, if required.

Type of employment: Permanent Employment


• continuous willingness to learn• tendency to teamwork• readiness for occasional stays in Germany

• College degree or higher education in mechanical or shipbuilding professions


Skills: Office software, Internet

Driving license: B


Advantage: good knowledge of German language, work experience in same or similar professions


Diploma Thesis and practice


We will gladly assist you in writing your diploma thesis or offer you a professional practice. This could be an interesting opportunity for an unique thesis and/or a possibility